The Council for Watershed Health is southern California’s hub for essential watershed research and analysis. The Council is uniquely situated at the intersection of research and policy and trusted to be fair, objective, and rooted in science. Through our policy program, we bring together people with diverse perspectives to address key water, land, and climate issues. Our applied research and monitoring inform and improve public policies and practices. Founded in 1996 by Dorothy Green and others, the Council works through education, research, and planning to achieve the vision of a sustainable Los Angeles.

The contributors to this blog include staff of the Council. Executive Director Nancy Steele writes the majority of the blog posts. In her over twenty year environmental career, Nancy has committed herself to leaving the world a better place. Prior to joining the Council in 2005, she worked for the State of California. At the Air Resources Board she developed and implemented regulations to reduce emissions from in-use heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses, wrote a report on the potential health and environmental impacts of leaf blowers, and served as the Deputy Ombudsman for southern California. In other positions she enforced California’s hazardous waste control laws, researched environmental lead contamination from lead-acid battery recycling plants, and developed regulations to reduce the threat of childhood lead poisoning. Her dissertation research compared the health and environmental costs of recycling and waste management of electric vehicle batteries. Dr. Steele has a bachelor of arts degree in Biology from Occidental College, a master of science degree in Zoology from Arizona State University, and a doctorate in environmental science and engineering from UCLA.

11 responses to “About

  1. Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

  2. Very glad to have found your blog and thanks for the important work that you are doing.

  3. Barbara Ellis

    Hi Nancy,
    I’d like to ask you about Hahamongna. Could you let me have your email address?

  4. Hey, great website! I am originally from southern California but right now I am working on similar stuff to you, in Pittsburgh. I’d love to share thoughts sometime, check out my blog or send me an email for more info!

  5. Thanks! Do you know if there is a centralized website linking people doing these sorts of projects in different places? I know of similar stuff in NYC, Portland, Oregon, Kansas City, and Vermont but I wish there were a way to connect! Precipitation patterns and riparian plants vary across the continent and world but there are some things that are in common everywhere.

    I’ll definitely look you up next time I am in LA but that could be a long way away. Perhaps it will be during the rainy season, which I prefer anyway. Speaking of which, a bunch of rain is about to hit Pittsburgh and it is beautiful out!

    • Charlie – there is a website that attempts to list all the projects in the US, but it is only as good as the outreach. I’m going do a blog entry about the site. I hope to see you in the rainy season (for LA). If I make it to Pittsburgh I’ll look you up.

  6. Let me know if you’re in Pittsburgh and I will let you know where some neat stuff is but I’ll actually be back in Vermont starting mid August.

  7. And yeah I definitely look forward to a blog about that site.

  8. Great blog, Nancy! Well done.

  9. Hi! I like your blog and I’ve decided to nominate you with a blogger’s award. It’s the Liebster Award: http://pearlsofgreenwisdom.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/liebster-award/
    Good job!

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